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PearVideo is a leading information video platform in China. Created by a team of professionals with a strong media background and a network of racquets all over the world, PearVideo provides the younger generation with short video products suitable for viewing and sharing on mobile terminals. With its deeply edited aggregated content and exclusive original coverage in areas such as business, social, technology, entertainment, and lifestyle, Pear Video offers new standards for video production and consumption in the Mobile Internet era, combined with innovative technologies and tools. Pear video is a cross-platform, open new media company. Through a flexible and extensive collaborative and revenue-sharing system, more and more high-quality short video content is gaining more influence through the pear video channel. Meanwhile, short-video content is updated daily by the pear video not only in its own mobile app Applications and websites, and more effectively distributed in various formats on social networks and video platforms in China and around the world to reach more users.

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How to download it?

  1. Open your Pearvideo application
  2. Choose the Pearvideo video that you want to download
  3. Click Share and at the Share options, find the Copy Link button
  4. Your download URL is ready on the clipboard.

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