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Ixigua Video Downloader will help you to get videos from Ixigua.

Download Ixigua (西瓜视频) Audios & Videos, You can download videos, audios, and photos (if any) from Ixigua (西瓜视频) simply by pasting the video URL in the input form provided above.

BraveDown will automatically process the URL you entered to extract the video file from Ixigua (西瓜视频) so that it can be downloaded and saved on your device offline. With this, you can play the video anytime and anywhere offline without requiring an internet connection.

Make sure the video URL you entered is correct. An example video URL of the Ixigua (西瓜视频) is like this:

  • https://www.ixigua.com/ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

How to Download Videos (Audio and Photo) from Ixigua (西瓜视频), please follow these steps:

1. Copy Link Video Ixigua.

2. Paste the Ixigua (西瓜视频) URL you want to download in the URL box and click the Download button.

3. Select the format and quality of the file and click the Download icon to start downloading the files.

4. The file is saved into the Downloads folder.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No! Any Ixigua videos users download are not stored on the BraveDown download tool. At the same time, this online Ixigua video download tool does not require users to log in or leave any personal information.

Depending on the browser, normally all Videos & MP3s are saved in the 'Downloads' folder on Windows and Mac or Mobile. You can also press Ctrl + J to see your download history.

Yes, you can use BraveDown on any mobile browser, and download videos without logo & MP3 directly to your mobile devices. The Chrome browser on iOS does not support downloading files. We recommend using Safari to download videos if you're using an iPhone or iPad.

You just need to click on the "Share" icon (arrow pointing to the right), then select "Copy link" and you're done. If you click "Share" and you can't find the "copy link", you click "Other" and then select "Copy link to clipboard" and you have already obtained the Ixigua video link.

No! You do not have to spend any money when using BraveDown to download Ixigua videos to your device. BraveDown only places some ads, helping to maintain our server costs. This is a completely free online Ixigua video downloader.

You can use BraveDown to download videos on Ixigua to any device: Smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet... the same way to download.

No! BraveDown is an online Ixigua video downloader application, that requires an internet connection to download videos. The download speed is fast or slow depending on your network speed. Not only BraveDown, but other Ixigua video downloaders also have a similar operating mechanism. There is currently no application that supports downloading Ixigua videos offline.

No! You don't need to create a Ixigua account or any other personal account, just get the link to the Ixigua video, access BraveDown, paste the link in the box, press Download Now and select the download format. very simple!

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