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Tumblr is one of the most popular microblogging websites and it allows users to post videos and photos to a short-form blog. With the help of our online Tumblr video downloader, you can download those videos and photos to your computer without decreasing the quality of the content. We offer videos in HD quality and usually in MP4 format which is very common. The Tumblr photos you download comes in the best quality possible (usually HD) and are in JPG format. We also do not limit the size of any Tumblr video or photo meaning you can download any Tumblr content in any size. Moreover, our video downloader can be used as a Tumblr converter to convert Tumblr videos to mp4.

Tumblr to MP4 and Gif

You can easily download Tumblr videos in MP4 format. If the videos are not mp4 formatted, we convert Tumblr to MP4 and provide you with the download links. Our powerful Tumblr to mp4 converter converts Tumblr videos to mp4 format in just a few seconds. The quality of the Tumblr .mp4 videos is very high so that you can watch those videos without sacrificing quality, making our service one of the best Tumblr converters online.

How to download Tumblr Video?

Downloading Tumblr Video is simple, even children can download the Video using this Tumblr Video Downloader tool. You can follow the below steps.

  • First search the Video on Tumblr.
  • Copy the URL of the Video
  • Paste the URL in the above box.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Wait & let the tool check for the download option.
  • If the Video will be available for download, it will display an option for downloading.
  • Click on the options to download your Video.

There are many online tools available online which can also download videos from Tumblr, but this tool has multiple functions means it can download media in multiple formats at the fastest speed. So, if you want to save your time then you should use this tool.

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